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Our mission here at Venomous?Sandboards, since 1991 has been to keep pushing the level of quality, durability, speed, maneuverability, comfort and affordability to the next level. In essence we are determined to keep making the best sandboards and sleds money can buy.

We do not cut corners with quality or materials but also do not add unnecessary expense to any of our products. When you purchase a sandboard, sand sled, sandboard wax, sand goggles, clothing or gear from us you are getting the very best value for your dollar that we can possibly offer!

Venomous continuously tests and re-tests our products for durability and performance. New upgrades and designs are added yearly as well as new options for our existing line of sandboards, sand sleds, bindings and sandboard wax.

If you are ready to take up this amazing activity but not sure where or how to start, you are at there right place right now. We are more than happy to show you the details and recommend the correct sandboard or sled for your style of riding and your location. We have a full range of sandboards for the beginner, recreational as well as pro competition.

But that is only the beginning. Here at Venomous Sandboards we are sandboard wax connoisseurs and willing to share our expertise with you on the full line of Doctor Dune sandboard waxes. Sand conditions change and sometimes numerous times through out the session but you will be ready for that with expert insight from the Venomous staff.