Some good advice for your first sandboard or sand sled.

//Some good advice for your first sandboard or sand sled.

Some good advice for your first sandboard or sand sled.

Sandboarding and Sand Sledding Tips:

1. Sandboards and sand sleds have a break in period while the sand polishes the base smoother and smoother. It?s going to be sluggish at first so don?t be surprised. There?s nothing wrong with your board just keep riding it and you will see it gradually get faster and glide further. It usually takes an adult a dozen or so runs to break it in but lighter riders will need more runs to break in their board or sled. If you have purchased a used sandboard or sand sled it is already broken in and sliding well. The more wear the more polished the board the better it will slide. Wear is a good thing!

2. Always use the least amount of wax possible to break free from friction. More wax WILL NOT make it faster but instead will just make it stick and hard to break free. It should only take about 3 or 4 seconds to rub on your wax, just like coloring with a crayon ( the same direction as the board travels is best ). If you can scratch wax under your finger nails from the base it?s likely too much wax. Next give it a quick ( 4 or 5 seconds ) buff right on the sand itself to blend it out a bit. You can also do this while it?s on your feet by shuffling. Depending on the weight of the rider and the length of the run you may get 2 or 3 runs per waxing but the general rule is.. one light coat per run. Experiment to dial it all in then you?ll know for sure.

3. You can push start the sled or paddle start it but you need a good 20? angle to break free of the initial grab of friction. On a sandboard you scoot the board with your weight on your back foot until it breaks free. After that it?s going! You?ll get much better at this with practice.

4. Lastly, not all sand is created equal and desert dune sand tends to be on the dirty side so often will not glide as well as coastal dunes. You may have to get steeper to break friction and where the ATVs run will be even dirtier. If it?s not breaking free, you?re not steep enough.

Sand Surfer terrain sandboard

Sandboarding on the Venomous Sand Surfer terrain sandboard.

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